Best Ways to Use Google Home Hub: Tricks & Features

Google Home just got better. Meet the Google Home Hub, the new “brain center” of your smart home. Together with impressive new speakers and a retooled, upgraded Google Assistant, it promises to make your home more connected, useful and livable.

Here’s the lowdown on the best ways to make your house a smart house with Google Home devices.

Control your smart home

The Google Home Hub is your connected home’s command center. To get started, pair it with your other connected home devices, then control them in the Google Home app to unleash a world of exciting applications. From the Hub, you can…

Display What You Want to See

Google Home gives you answers to things you need to know, the weather, your commute, schedule and other things you need to know for your day – or watch the news or enjoy memories with Google Photos.

Control Every Device

Google Home works with 10K connected home devices from all the biggest brands. Use the Google Home app to add smart devices to your connected home, group devices by room or type and fine-tune your settings. You can control your connected devices from the Google Home Hub’s touchscreen or via voice command.

Start a Routine

You can program Routines, or custom sequences, to begin after phrases like “Goodnight” or “I’m home.” For instance, “OK Google, I’m leaving” could trigger your GoogleHome to turn off smart light bulbs, lower the thermostat and stop playing music all at once.

Make an Announcement

If you have devices throughout your home, you can turn them into your own PA system. Broadcast an announcement to play on every speaker at once.

As a personal assistant

The updated Google Assistant has a ton of new features, custom commands and cool tricks – plus eight new voices to choose from. Activate it with “OK Google” or “Hey, Google” to get started.

Ask a Question

The power of Google’s search engine is at your command. Ask your Google Home anything you want to know, and it will search the Internet for you. From weather to recipes to “what was the number one song on November 6, 1964” (it was Baby Love by The Supremes), Google has the answer.

Make a Call

You can place calls, answer the phone or even dictate text messages hands-free.

Personalize It

Add unique profiles for family members or housemates, so everyone can fine-tune their settings and Routines. With Voice Match, your Google Home can tell who’s talking and access the right calendar, traffic map, reminders and contacts for each person.

Continue Conversations (Or Don’t)

Your Google Home’s microphone stays active for up to 8 seconds, so you can ask follow-up questions or give extra commands without saying “OK Google” again and again. To turn it off early, just say “Thank you.”

Learn Some Manners

A voice-enabled feature called “Pretty Please” will prompt children (and certain adults) to say “the magic word” when giving Google Assistant commands.

As a TV and music player

The Google Home was envisioned as a voice-activated smart speaker, and it still shines when it comes to audio and video streaming. With the Google Home Hub set up, you can control all your speakers from one central device.

Stream Music

Google Assistant is better than ever at recognizing voice commands (more on that later). Ask it to play any song, artist or genre, change the volume or pause the music.

Connect Multiple Speakers

Google and Android have always been friendly to third-party integration. You can connect your Google Home to multiple brands of smart speakers equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to play music in different rooms or build a surround sound system.

Search Millions of Songs

When you ask Google to play a song or artist, it will pull selections from Google Play, Spotify, Pandora and YouTube. Select a default service in the Google Home app.

Play Streaming TV

If you have a Chromecast, you can use Google Home to play movies and TV shows from streaming apps – no remote required.


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