How 5G Devices Are Changing How We Work and Play

5G technology is here, and it’s changing the way we work, play and connect to the world around us. Check out these 5G-capable devices to find out what the next generation of phones can do.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Strong signal

Not all 5G devices are created equal. Some might not be compatible with all versions of 5G networks, which only work on low band frequencies. Either way, the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Plus has you covered. It works on both low and high band, so you have reliable signal no matter what.

HyperFast speed

The days of buffering Netflix shows and video game lag are about to be gone for good. The Galaxy S20’s 5G capabilities enable low-latency gaming and high-resolution downloads and live streaming, all at unprecedented speeds. That means downloads will be speedier, photo sharing easier, calls clearer and videos faster to load.

Advanced zoom

The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G camera packs a serious punch. You can zoom in 100x with ultra-high resolution to capture shots that weren’t possible before, like the look on your graduate’s face as they walk across the stage.

Smarter work

Whether at home or at the office, the low latency of 5G technology can help streamline workflows and improve team productivity. The Galaxy S20 5G makes uploading, downloading, sharing and collaborating on projects happen in real time, even with data-rich files. Plus, it’s great for remote work, bringing video conference calls to life with crisp visuals and crystal-clear sound.

LG V60 ThinQ 5G

Dual screen

Two screens are better than one. With the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, you can add a dual screen to make multi-tasking twice as easy. Watch the latest hit show on one screen while googling the stars on the other. Then, just detach the second screen when you want to go minimal.

Voice spotlight

Tune out the background noise and focus on what matters. The LG V60 ThinQ offers Voice Bokeh, a new feature that lets you separate voices from the background to minimize distracting ambient noise. Your vlogs and video chats are about to become so much clearer.

 Supercharged battery life

Whether you’re recording video or streaming your favorite shows, you don’t want to be interrupted by a low battery. The LG V60 ThinQ packs a super-large battery with AI Power Management, so you can power on for hours without stopping.

 Ultra-smooth video

Shaky hands can ruin the moment, especially when you’re the one holding the camera. The LG V60 ThinQ helps you capture hyper-stable videos, whether you’re riding a bike or running alongside your kid as they learn.


The U.S. Cellular 5G network is now rolling out across communities big and small. Today’s cutting-edge mobile devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G and LG V60 ThinQ, come fully equipped with 5G compatibility, so you can connect to the latest, fastest network straight out of the box. Learn more about our approach to 5G and explore the latest 5G-ready devices at U.S. Cellular.

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