Free Yourself from Overage Fees with Unlimited Data

You rely on your phone to stay connected, especially during times like today – from scrolling social media to streaming your favorite shows to checking in with friends and family. Unlimited data plans let you get the most out of your device, so you can post, play and binge-watch without worrying about racking up massive overage fees.

Kiss data limits goodbye

In the past, budget-conscious users had to track their data carefully to avoid going over their limit and incurring big fees. Strict users might set a limit on data usage in their phone’s settings,  turning off all data automatically once they reached that limit. Others set usage alerts, stuck to Wi-Fi whenever possible, turned off data-heavy features, and kept an eye on data-hogging apps.

Luckily, unlimited data plans mean you don’t have to plan your phone usage around conserving data anymore. You can use your device however you want, as much as you want, and leave tedious data tracking behind.


Upgrade to unlimited data

With the way we use our phones today, having an unlimited data plan is essential. We’re constantly switching from teleconference meetings to sharing pictures of the kids with the grandparents to reading the news and listening to the latest podcasts. Technology has become so much a part of our everyday lives, we practically have our phones in our hands every minute of the day.

U.S. Cellular offers a range of unlimited data plans to provide high-speed coverage and data to fit your needs, whether you’re video chatting with grandma all afternoon or livestreaming your latest gaming victory. Best of all, our plans are affordable. Whatever your budget, U.S. Cellular has an unlimited plan at a price that works for you.

Unlimited data means you can enjoy using your phone without worrying about data overage fees. Shop unlimited data plans today with U.S. Cellular.

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