How to Preserve Your Phone Battery and Prolong Your Phone’s Life

Our Smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives, so it’s important to keep them well-maintained and running smoothly. Whether you have the latest release or an older model, there’s a lot you can do to help your phone function to the best of its abilities. Read on for six ways to help keep your phone up and running longer

1. Maintain Your Battery

While it’s not necessary to keep your phone 100 percent charged at all times, try your best not to let it dip below 25 percent, as this diminishes the phone’s ability to hold a charge. Maintaining good charging habits will help extend the life of this important component.

2. Protect Your Phone

Everyone knows someone who has dropped and shattered their Smartphone. Make a point to adequately protect your phone screen. This means buying a quality protective cellphone case and a screen protector on your phone.

3. Invest in Device Protection

Even with a rugged case, your Smartphone is vulnerable to things like water damage, theft and accidents. To guard against the unexpected, U.S. Cellular®,  for example, offers Device Protection+, which protects not only your phone, but also the information you store in it.

4. Get an Armband for Exercise

Exercise is important, but so is keeping your phone moisture-free. When you hit the gym, make sure that your phone isn’t in your pocket or somewhere that could easily collect sweat. Since water damage is seldom covered by phone insurance, invest in an armband to protect your phone while you’re burning calories.

5. Take Advantage of Cloud Storage

While today’s devices have more storage than ever, it’s important not to let them get bogged down with data. An overstuffed phone can become overtaxed, leading to your frustration – and its untimely demise. Software like cloud storage and Google Docs helps you save space in your phone, and keeps information backed up in the event of loss or damage.

6. Hold on Upgrading Software

While new features are fun, if you’re sporting an older model, it may be wise to stick with the operating software you currently have. Because they’re optimized for newer models, software updates can slow down older phones. If your Smartphone is newer, however, there’s no need to hesitate updating.

Whether you’re about purchase a new phone, or you’re happily maintaining a slightly older one, these tips will help keep your device in top shape. And if you’re a U.S. Cellular customer, read up on your device protection options for real peace of mind.