Stay Plugged In to the Office While Vacationing

Vacations provide a much needed relaxation period to get away from the weekly work grind. As a member of a team, though, it can be hard to simply get up and completely disconnect from the flow of your job. Most of us take vacation as a time to escape from the stresses of work but staying connected just in case is always a good idea. Here are some of the top apps and programs to keep you in the loop while you’re away.


Basecamp is a comprehensive program that allows every member of your team to manage and update projects in real time. Basecamp is excellent at keeping you up to date with what’s going on at work while you are away. Its features can help you outline and divvy up work, keep updated on the message board, organize key documents, set deadlines and milestones, directly message, receive pop up notifications, look at team reports and get a bird’s eye view on the most recent activity. A really useful feature for when you’re away is the “Work Can Wait” schedule. Basecamp only sends notifications and updates during your work hours so you can catch up on your own time but relax when you’re away. For $29 per month your internal team can enjoy the many features of Basecamp.


It can be incredibly stressful to receive a flurry of group messages while you’re away from the office. GroupMe makes this stress almost disappear with its customizable group messaging system. You’re in complete control by gaining the ability to mute specific chats or mute the app entirely. This will give you the chance to truly disconnect while on vacation yet keep your work just a few touches away. GroupMe is available on Android and iPhone devices as well as on your computer.


WhatsApp has found its niche in international communication. This mobile messaging app allows you to message without paying for SMS. The reason this is possible is that WhatsApp messenger uses the same internet data plan that you currently use so there is no extra cost to stay in touch with the office. Available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows and Nokia, WhatsApp gives you the ability to send unlimited messages from any of those devices to another. An added feature is the end-to-end encryption on calls and messaging. This ensures that valuable information can’t be intercepted.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects has an array of capabilities that make it simple to monitor what’s going on at work while you are away. Plan milestones and task lists, view detailed visuals on task progress, browse updated feeds and timelines of important posts, integrate advanced analytics for in-depth insights, manage files and use Dropbox. Zoho gives you and your co-workers the opportunity to work together seamlessly from remote locations. This platform provides a place for your entire team to work as a group and monitor each other from anywhere at any time. Zoho Projects Premium can be accessed for $50 per month on the computer and both iPhone and Android Mobile apps.

No longer should you be afraid to take that trip you’ve always talked about! These outstanding apps and programs should give you an in depth look at what’s going on at the office without actually being there.


Cian Laurence, a Brooklyn-based writer hailing from Dublin, has a passion for technology & apps and uses free Wi-Fi whenever it’s available.