The S Pen Is Mightier: Wield the Galaxy Note9 Like a Pro

Samsung made a bold move by bringing the stylus back to handheld devices. The latest S Pen’s features make a strong case for adding old-fashioned handwriting to the Smartphone experience—an experience that’s gotten even better with the new Note9.

Here’s how you can make the most of the Galaxy Note9’s S Pen to send memorable, personalized messages, save time and express your creativity.

The Best Pen Since…The Pen

This isn’t the clumsy, laggy stylus you remember from the days of your first PDA. The S Pen allows for more precise and detailed interaction with a touchscreen than your fingers can (no more thumb-induced typos!). And it’s fully caught up with sensitive, sophisticated touchscreen tech – with thousands of levels of pressure sensitivity, the S Pen writes like, well, a pen.

To use the S Pen, just grab it – holding the stylus automatically launches the Air Command menu on your Note9, which opens a menu of icons to select from.

 Never Miss a Note

Got a shopping list item/phone number/genius idea that you have to get down right now? Just start writing on the screen – thanks to the S Pen’s Screen-off Memo technology, whatever you jot down will automatically appear without you needing to unlock your phone. You can send your note as a message (or Live Message) or save it as a memo to yourself.

Say It Your Way

Don’t send the same old messages. Galaxy Note9 Live Message lets you send handwritten or hand-drawn messages, so you can add a personal touch anytime you feel creative. Go one step further and make animated GIFs out of your handwritten notes so your words and doodles will appear on the recipient’s screen just as you wrote them. Add animation effects and colors to unleash your creativity.

Mark the Spot

 You can use the S Pen to markup photos, screenshots and maps. Circle your location, underline key points or add a cute doodle to a selfie – anything you can do with a pen, pencil, marker or highlighter, you can do with the S Pen. Try tracing a preferred route on a map for your directionally-challenged friend, or marking the best coffee spot (because sometimes, you know better than a maps app).

Together with the Galaxy Note9’s best-in-class Edge display and touchscreen, the S Pen has near-unlimited uses. Express yourself with the pizzazz of a painter and the precision of a fine-tipped pen – all on your phone. To find out for yourself, shop the Samsung Galaxy Note9 at U.S. Cellular.