Wireless High-Speed Internet: Get Internet Anywhere

Everyone needs reliable wireless high-speed internet service. But if you are one of the millions of people with limited options – your wireless carrier may have the solution to go truly wireless.

The Basics

Instead of transmitting data using cables, getting high-speed internet via your wireless carrier works by establishing a wireless link via radio waves between two fixed locations, like from your home to the nearest tower. Similar to mobile phones, it depends on a land-based network of towers, rather than satellites. In small towns and less densely populated ares where the infrastructure like cables and satellites for other forms of broadband service is prohibitively expensive, it can be a great alternative means of getting reliable rural high-speed internet access.

Fast Setup, Faster Service

Because this doesn’t require physical cables, it’s much easier to set up. You’ll receive an easy-to-install in-home modem that communicates with the nearest tower to provide you with reliable, rural wireless high-speed internet service so you can get internet anywhere.

Because the distance between your home and the nearest tower is very short – usually within 10 miles – data latency, or the time it takes for data to travel back and forth, is lower than satellite internet. That means speeds that can support video streaming and even gaming.

Stormy Weather? No Problem

Unlike satellite internet, which can suffer a lot of interruptions during bad weather, wireless high-speed internet connection won’t cut out in the rain. That’s because the signal doesn’t have to travel all the way through the atmosphere to communicate with a satellite – just a few miles to the nearest tower. The result is strong, reliable internet that won’t be affected by a storm.

No Data Overage Fees or Caps

If you use your mobile phone as a primary internet access point, you can burn through your data plan quickly and be subject to data overage costs at the end of the month. And satellite internet providers typically set a cap on monthly data usage. With high-speed internet through your wireless carrier, that’s not an issue. Once you reach the limit of your plan’s high-speed data allotment, download speeds will adjust automatically. Select a plan to fit your needs, and if you go over, rest easy knowing your data stays within your budget.

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