5 Tech Gifts to Match Mom’s Lifestyle

Whether your mom is totally tech-savvy or just learning the ropes, gift her with a gadget that matches her personal style and will make any day feel like a holiday.

1.   Tablets for Mobile Moms

A Tablet can become your mom’s new go-to gadget for everything from entertainment to communication, whether she’s always on the go in her home town or is a world traveler.

If she’s already used to Apple devices, check out the new iPad Pro or the less expensive iPad and iPad Air models. If she’s an Android user, there are great options with the Samsung and LG Tablets on the market.

2.   Chargers & Batteries for Take Charge Moms

If your mom is a take charge kind of gal and an avid Smartphone or Tablet user, she could probably use an extra charger or battery case, especially when she’s away from home.

Check out some options for portable chargers, battery cases and external batteries that will keep her devices charged no matter where she takes them whether that’s on her daily commute or a daily hike.

3.   Range Extenders for Outdoorsy Moms

If your mom lives in a larger house or likes to spend time in her yard or garden, she may want to take her phone or Tablet with her beyond the reach of a standard router.

A Wi-Fi range extender can help keep her devices connected to Wi-Fi wherever she goes. Consider an extender for bringing Wi-Fi to outdoor environments like the beach or camp site or homes with reduced cell reception to make sure she has great coverage.

4.   Smart Home Devices for Tech Smart Moms

If mom is tech savvy, she’ll love being able to connect and control items around the house to her Smartphone or Tablet. Whether it’s a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts to her preferred temperature, a video security system that turns on when she leaves home or smart lighting she can manage from anywhere, Mom will be able to take control over the house with new smart tech.

5.   Item Tracker for Busy Moms

It’s easy to misplace stuff – like keys, glasses or the remote – when mom’s mind is racing trying to figure out how to get everything done in a day. You can help your overworked and overly busy mom keep track of frequently misplaced items with the Find Tracker.

By attaching Find tags to those commonly missing items, she can use her Smartphone or Tablet to track them down. Tags can even help recover items that are stolen.