6 Time Saving Smartphone Tips

With so much to do every single day, what if you could reclaim a few minutes here and there to focus on the things that matter most? Thankfully, you can use everyday technology to free up valuable time throughout your day. Use your Smartphone to take advantage of these time saving tips, and explore apps that can help you along the way.

  1. Keep All Your Documents in One Place

Google Drive

Smartphones contain more photos, documents and other data than ever before. Keep it all organized with this popular cloud storage app. While this time-saving app comes standard on Android products, iOS users will need to download it from the App Store. The best part? Google Drive syncs with all your devices, including Tablets and laptops, too.

  1. Scan New Documents With Ease

In the bottom right corner of the Google Drive app, select “add” and then “scan.” Take a photo of the document you’d like to scan, adjust the scan area, crop, and repeat until that stack of paper is history.

Bonus: If you scan a lot of documents, apps like iScanner, Tiny Scan and Scan Pro all help making scanning large quantities of documents a breeze.

  1. Show Up on Time

Smartphones now have the ability to sync your calendar schedule with traffic, so your device will remind you not just of your appointment, but how long it will take you to arrive based on current traffic conditions. To enable this simple but useful feature, open the settings for your Calendar app, which comes standard on all Smartphones.

  1. Stay Organized With a Personal E-mail Assistant

If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed with e-mail, it may be time to upgrade to a virtual assistant. Astro is a customizable app that works to remove clutter, create follow-up reminders and highlight e-mail that needs your attention. This time-saving app is the perfect addition for anyone with a busy schedule.

  1. Create a To-Do List That Tells You What’s Important

The lists and reminders apps that come standard in today’s phones are a great tool for staying on track with tasks. What you may not know is that these apps allow you to organize the tasks by priority. Simply click the task you wish to edit, and then touch the Information button. This will bring you to a new screen where you can set up reminders for yourself based on day and location, and select a priority level. To save even more time, set reminders for yourself using your phone’s voice assistant.

Bonus: Take your to-do lists seriously? Things is the perfect app. View your task by specific time periods such as “today,” “this evening” and “upcoming.” Or, break tasks into smaller parts with headings and manage tasks in bulk. You can also connect with your device’s native to-do list for maximum organization.

  1. Put Down the Phone and Get to Work

There’s an app to help you get off your phone and focus on the tasks that matter. The Forest app grows virtual trees when your phone has the app – and nothing but the app – in use. However, switch apps and your trees will start to wither. The lush, green virtual forest provides pleasant motivation to stay focused.

Bonus: In February, Forest added a friend feature so that the app only grows trees when your entire team’s staying focused. Now that’s some serious peer pressure.

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