Best International Phone Plans: Rome Without Roaming

Newer international travel phone plans and devices make staying connected overseas easy and painless. This info will help you land on the best international phone plans for your needs and set up worry-free connectivity for the duration of your trip.

Global (GSM) International

“GSM” or “Global System for Mobile Communication” is the best method of maintaining your overall service on an overseas trip. Global roaming provides voice, text and data capabilities in over 180 countries (and even aboard cruise ships). To use it on your travels, you’ll need a GSM-capable phone and SIM card – so for best results, discuss with your provider.

CDMA International

Some phones and wireless providers still use CDMA (Code-division multiple access) technology for roaming. CDMA is only available in select countries, with full service in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and voice-only service in Aruba, the Bahamas and Canada. If any of those countries are on your itinerary, CDMA is an option, but one without the features and coverage of GSM. If you’re unsure about which technology your phone uses for international roaming, consult your wireless provider in advance of your trip.

International Long Distance

If you’re not traveling, but you make frequent business or family calls overseas, an international long distance plan keeps you in touch with over 200 countries from within the domestic U.S. Cellular network. Unplanned international phone bills can pack a wallop, so if you make worldwide calls with any regularity, subscribing to a long-distance plan will ultimately save you money.

Ready to travel like a pro on your next trip? Add a visit to U.S. Cellular to your itinerary for the best international phone plans.