Boost Your Productivity with Organizational Apps

Organization is the key to simplifying your life and increasing your productivity. These five powerhouse organizational apps – available for both iOS and Android – will help you put everything from your calendar to your checkbook in perfect order, so you reach your goals faster.

Organize your schedule: makes staying on top of deadlines family tasks, and video chat appointments easier than ever. The daily planner app syncs your task list to all of your devices and lets you organize by category, with separate folders for work, personal, shopping and more. It even integrates daily tasks with your calendar, so you can see everything you need to do in one simple interface. 

Organize your passwords: LastPass

Keeping track of dozens of complicated passwords isn’t easy, but LastPass takes away the guesswork. The app securely stores unlimited login credentials for all of your accounts and makes adding notes and navigating between them a snap.

Organize your browsing: Pocket

Avoid getting sidetracked by all the interesting things you see while scrolling. Pocket helps keep you on task by letting you save articles, videos and stories for later.

Organize your finances: Mint

Mint automatically updates and categorizes your purchases, so you get an accurate picture of your spending in real time. Plus, you can personalize it with custom categories, bill tracking and budgets that alert you when they start to approach their limit. Mint even comes with a free credit score. No wonder it’s considered the gold standard of finance trackers.

Organize your notes: Evernote

Focusing on what matters to you has never been simpler – or more user-friendly. Evernote lets you save and organize notes, pictures, audio and video clips into shareable notebooks and sync them across multiple devices. Whether you’re saving personal memories or sharing business notes, Evernote helps make life more manageable.

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