Connected Home Tech Makes Parenting Simple

Parents have their hands full these days, from cooking and cleaning to supervising distance learning to entertaining kids and everything in between. Luckily, connected home technology helps make life easier for the whole family.


Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub is a hands-free control center for busy parents. Set reminders, view your calendar or see if that package has arrived with a simple voice command. It even connects to other smart devices in your home, so you can tell it to turn on the kids’ favorite show from the other room, without having to dig for the remote.


WiZ A19 Lightbulb

Smart light bulbs like the WiZ A19 can be controlled from your smartphone or with voice-activated devices, saving you the trip upstairs to make sure the kids actually have their lights out at bedtime.


Google Nest Thermostat E

Any parent who has woken up in a freezing cold room after finally getting the baby to sleep knows the importance of a smart thermostat. Google Nest Thermostat E connects to the app on your phone, so you can make sure the baby’s room is just the right temperature for nap time, without jostling them by standing up.


Google Nest Hello

A connected doorbell is a game changer for a busy parent. Google Nest Hello sends crisp HD video of everything at your doorstep right to your phone, so you know exactly when your latest grocery delivery has arrived.


Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Kids are famous for dragging their feet at bedtime. Plug your TV and other home entertainment devices into the Wemo Mini Smart Plug, and you can set it to turn them off automatically at a certain time.


Smart tech helps parents feel more in control of life at home. Shop the latest connected home technology with U.S. Cellular.

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