Ditch the Contract: What is a Prepaid Phone Plan?

What is a prepaid phone? Technology is making just about every part of life more flexible. You can work from anywhere, keep tabs on home from your smartphone – why should phone contracts tie you down? Prepaid phone plans aren’t just a phone in a box anymore; now they offer attractive options at an amazing price, without restrictive contracts and credit checks. Here’s the scoop on prepaid phones plans:

Freedom and Flexibility

  • Plenty of Data Options – Choose unlimited data if you’re attached to your phone, or if your favorite apps don’t use very much data, pick a fixed amount of data instead. Some plans even allow you to skip data altogether.
  • Flexibility – Prepaid phone plans let you adjust your plan every month to reflect how you actually use your device. Unlimited data one month? Sure. Only 2GB the next? Absolutely. Flexibility means you’ll never get surprised with overage charges at the end of a billing cycle.
  • Freedom to Switch Anytime – Prepaid phone plans don’t require a contract (and no credit check), so you have the freedom to switch providers whenever you like.

Great Devices

Prepaid phone plans offer the same devices as a monthly plan. That means you can choose from the latest smartphones. Or, if you like the phone you’ve got, you may be able to keep it with carriers like U.S. Cellular®. You can check online or at your local store if you’re not sure whether your phone is compatible.

Same Quality Service 

With U.S. Cellular, prepaid phone plans run on the exact same network as traditional plans, so your phone will work anywhere there’s network coverage. And while customer service varies between carriers, U.S. Cellular guarantees the same level of customer service for all customers, regardless of plan.

Many people are starting to discover that the freedom and flexibility of today’s prepaid wireless plans might be right for them. Want to compare prepaid options to your current plan? Check out U.S. Cellular’s prepaid phone plans.