Make Working From Home Outdoor-Friendly for Summer

Working from home has become the new normal, offering employees greater freedom and flexibility during turbulent times (assuming the kids aren’t too rowdy). Not only does a remote work setup save time and give you the ability to dress casually, but it also means you’re able to work where and when you want. Now that summer is here, that could mean bringing your mobile office to the great outdoors. Here are some accessories to help you make the transition:


Google Wifi

If you’re planning to teleconference from your patio rather than your kitchen table, a set of Google Wifi points is a great solution. They work together to replace your router, eliminating slowdowns and prioritizing the most important device traffic. Place them throughout your home to cover a wide area in fast, reliable Wi-Fi, so you can take your work with you throughout the day.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

When you take your mobile office outdoors, a laptop might be a little unwieldy. This tablet has all the power you need to get your workload out of the way, all in a lightweight, easy-to-carry device. It even comes with the handy S Pen, so you can easily make notes, mark up papers and sign documents.

Google Nest Hub Max

A virtual home assistant like Google Nest Hub Max makes remote work even easier. You can set reminders and review your daily calendar with a simple voice command on your way to your outdoor office space. It can even pair with your other Google connected speakers to play your favorite work playlist, for the moments when you need a productivity boost.

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Remote work requires concentration, which can be challenging if you’ve got little kids running around. Sometimes drowning out the noise is a must. These headphones offer an immersive listening experience and high-tech voice detecting microphones, so you can hear and be heard on your work call, even when you’re watching the kids play in the yard.



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