Putting a Stop to Unwanted Robocalls

Fraudulent robocalls continue to cost innocent people their identity and millions of dollars every year. Robocalling is a favorite tool of scammers and telemarketers, tricking you into answering their calls by disguising themselves as numbers in your area code—even pretending to represent reputable businesses. While some robocalls are harmless, like appointment reminders from your doctor’s office or updates about public school closings, if you’re getting inundated with unknown calls and texts, chances are these robocallers are up to no good.

Making matters worse—illegal robocallers are still notoriously difficult to stop, using sophisticated software to hide their true identity and location. Their methods are so advanced, adding your name to the National Do Not Call Registry still won’t stop them. Thankfully carriers are getting smarter. Here’s some steps you can take to beat those annoying robocallers at their own game.

Network Blocking

Network Blocking services are provided by most national wireless carriers and one you’ve probably seen in action. U.S. Cellular provides their customers with Automatic Network Call Identification. Developed by U.S. Cellular using patented technology, it’s provided to customers free of charge. It works by:

  • Identifying the highest risk calls to you on your phone
  • Displaying suspicious calls on caller ID as “Potential Fraud” or “Potential Spam”
  • Will soon block the highest risk calls before they ever reach your device

Download Call Guardian, U.S. Cellular’s free robocall app.

U.S. Cellular is taking it a step further to protect their customers, providing them with another line of defense against robocallers. Call Guardian was made specifically for U.S. Cellular customers and it’s free to use if you’re on their network.

3 easy steps you can take to stop Robocallers right now

  1. When you receive robocalls, immediately hang up the phone or let it go to voicemail.
  2. If you do answer, don’t press any numbers, even it’s to “remove you from the list”. According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), pressing any numbers will likely just lead to more calls
  3. Immediately select ‘Block Caller’ (if your phone manufacture includes this option) to prevent future calls from this number.

Robocalling is a common nuisance, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn more about blocking robocalls with Call Guardian at U.S. Cellular and put a stop to robocallers once and for all.