Refer a Friend to U.S. Cellular and Save

Want to help out a friend and save money at the same time? Thankfully, there are tons of referral programs that let you and your friends earn cash and rewards for using new services. We want to help you get in on the action. Here’s how to join our U.S. Cellular® Refer-a-Friend program and earn rewards.

Get Started
If you have a U.S. Cellular plan, you’re already eligible to join Refer-a-Friend – and if you don’t, well, it might be time to consider switching and start saving on your phone plan. Once you have an account, getting started with Refer-a-Friend is easy. Just head to the Refer-a-Friend U.S. Cellular® portal and click “Join Now” to enter the program. From there, you can generate referral links to send to your friends and loved ones.

Invite Your Friends and Family
Once you’re ready, send your referral links to friends, family or anyone else you think would enjoy reliable coverage and a sensible phone plan. Are your parents looking to trim their bills without trimming their coverage? Is your BFF ready to break up with their frustrating carrier? There are plenty of reasons to make the switch, from trusted coverage in the Middle of Anywhere to all the newest Smartphones. When you’ve sent the link, make sure your friend uses it to activate their new account – that way, both of you receive your rewards.

Earn Rewards
Now comes the fun part. When you Refer-a-Friend to U.S. Cellular®, you’ll receive a $50 U.S. Cellular Promotional Card when the person you refer opens a new line – and they’ll get a $50 promo card, too. You can earn up to $200 on four qualifying lines per referral. And if you refer more than one person, you can earn up to $550 in promotional cards per year. Friendship is its own reward, but saving on new phones, accessories or your phone plan is a nice bonus.