Stay Productive Even When You’re Offline

Cellular coverage is better than ever, but sometimes, it’s just not possible (or appropriate) to connect to a network. Still, you don’t have to let travel, transit or Wi-Fi dead zones keep you from using your phone. Many apps can function without an internet or cellular connection, allowing you to protect your work, errands and entertainment consumption from signal interruptions. And no matter where you are, turning on airplane mode can help you save battery life when you’re running low. You’ll have to remember to enable offline mode in each application’s settings – but after that, you can use them with Wi-Fi and cellular data switched off.

Here are the best apps with offline capability that you can enjoy with or without internet access:


Binge your favorite shows: Netflix, Amazon Prime

Many video streaming apps, including Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, offer the option to download your favorite shows and movies to watch offline. You can even select the desired download quality to preserve space on your phone and remember that there may be a limit on how many programs you can download at once.


Catch up on your reading: Pocket

Pocket lets you save interesting articles and stories to peruse offline, so it’s perfect for catching up on the news when you’re in an area with low or no signal. Add a webpage to your Pocket list, and the app will automatically save it to your phone for later. Pocket also includes features to personalize the reading experience to your satisfaction, including dark mode, text-to-speech integration and volume button scrolling.


Check your grocery list: TickTick

Walking into the grocery store without a list is a recipe for disaster, but keeping track of your items on paper can be a hassle. Note-taking apps like TickTick come with convenient offline functionality, so you won’t forget to grab paper towels, even if you lose signal deep inside the big-box store. TickTick also lets you make lists for daily, weekly and monthly tasks, sends reminders and syncs seamlessly when you have access to the internet again.


Groove to your top tunes: Spotify, Pandora, Tidal

Music streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora allow you to download songs to listen offline, so your daily workout mix doesn’t get interrupted by buffering. Premium Spotify members can save a library of up to 10,000 tracks to listen to in offline mode, with the option to adjust download quality if you’re low on storage space. Just remember to connect to the internet at least once a month to continue listening offline.


Find your way around town: Google Maps, Waze

Using a map to navigate might seem old-school, but it’s actually easier than you think. Before you go, just download the areas you’ll be visiting on Google Maps and use your handy compass app to determine whether you’re heading in the right direction.


Get some work done: Google Suite

Google’s productivity suite offers great offline capabilities and support. For remote workers, it’s a no-brainer. Use its wide range of tools – including Drive, Docs, Sheets and more – for all your professional needs. Take notes, create presentations, edit documents and manage files and photos, all without having to scramble for internet access.


Advanced smartphone technology makes it easy to stay connected even when you’re offline, but a strong network means you’re less likely to lose signal in the first place. Learn about our fair approach to building a 5G network and shop the latest devices at U.S. Cellular.