Drowning in Tax Documents: Digitization for Tax Season

Tax season can be, well, taxing, especially if you’re still keeping paper files. Make it easier by digitizing your tax documents and filing electronically. Just ask yourself these questions to find out which tools and apps for document digitization might work best for you.

Would you prefer to file for free?

Credit Karma Tax – free to download, $0 to file

File your federal and state taxes 100% free of charge. You can upload a picture of your W-2 to automatically fill out your tax documents for this year and easily import previous years’ returns from other tax filing services.

Are you looking for basic all-around support?

H&R Block Tax Prep and File app – free to download, $34-$74 to file

This app helps you prepare and file your tax return every step of the way. Before filing, you can create a customized tax prep checklist, and when you file, H&R Block automatically reviews your return for errors and omissions, guaranteeing you the maximum refund.

Do you need to file fast?

Intuit TurboTax mobile app – free to download, $39.99+ to file

Intuit TurboTax can have you squared away in about 10 minutes. Upload pictures of your tax forms and it will search more than 350 tax deductions and credits to get you the best refund possible. You’ll also have access to a qualified tax professional in case you have any questions.

Are you a freelancer or online business owner?

FreshBooks Cloud accounting app – free to download with FreshBooks account

FreshBooks enables you to save photos of receipts, keep track of payments and income, and more. It syncs easily with tools like Stripe, MileIQ, and PayPal, so you can track all your finances in one place. You can even create a separate, limited-access login for your accountant, with all the info they need.

Do you use your personal vehicle for business?

MileIQ mobile app – $5.99/month

MileIQ automatically tracks the miles you drive and makes it easy to classify your business trips for tax purposes. If you’d prefer to try it out first, the first 40 drives are free.

Do you want tax tips and information on the newest tax laws?

IRS2Go mobile app – free to download

If you want daily access to tax tips and easy-to-understand breakdowns of the most recent tax legislation, you should interact with the IRS directly. With their mobile app, you can also get access to in-person tax help from a qualified professional in your local area and securely check the status of your refund.

Are you just looking for simple receipt and document tracking?

Evernote app – free to download

Evernote lets you upload pictures your receipts and organize them into convenient folders, and easily save tax-specific documents and important tax-related emails all in one place.

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