The Best eLearning Tech for Back-to-School

Back-to-school season means prepping your kids with the tools they need to succeed. As families gear up for an unprecedented school year, they’re looking to eLearning technologies to power education for teachers and students across the country. Here are the best devices and accessories for sending your kids back to class and helping them succeed while they have to learn from home:

Devices & add-ons









Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Give your kids the tools they need to succeed with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6. This versatile device combines the computing power of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet, so it’s perfect for everything from joining a live classroom discussion to researching home science projects. Plus, it comes with the handy S Pen, so taking notes on the screen is as easy as pen and paper.









Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

The Galaxy S20’s 5G-ready advanced capabilities make it extra powerful and super-fast – the perfect phone for staying connected to a virtual classroom. That means your student will be able to download and share more of everything they need to learn, from e-books to articles on current events to multimedia presentations and lectures. Even better, 5G-ready means you’re ready for the faster network when it’s available in your area.







LG V60 ThinQ 5G with Dual Screen

LG’s latest device is 5G-enabled, with the power to last for hours – long enough to handle class time and fun time. It even offers the option of adding a dual screen, so your child can multitask like a pro. Whether it’s taking notes while watching a lecture or googling a new term while reading the assignment, dual screen capability makes it possible to do twice as much.

Connected home









Google Wifi 3-pack

When the home becomes the classroom, the internet has to keep up. Google Wifi points work together to cover your whole home and optimize network usage, so your kid doesn’t miss a thing.








Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad

To stay connected to an online classroom every day, you need a reliable charger. Samsung’s Duo Pad makes it ultra convenient to charge multiple devices at once. Plus, it’s Qi certified, so you can use it with any Qi compatible devices.

Device cases








LifeProof FRE device case

Kids are notorious for accidentally dropping things – including their phones. LifeProof’s FRE case is waterproof and shockproof, so your child’s device stays protected, even if they slip during virtual show-and-tell.









OtterBox Defender case

Learning from home doesn’t just happen at a desk. Keep your child’s device protected everywhere else their curiosity might take them – from the backyard to the kitchen and beyond – with OtterBox’s extra-sturdy Defender series.

Access to the right technology can make a big difference in a child’s education. Browse the latest devices and accessories to help your family succeed at U.S. Cellular.


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