Turn Kids into Smart Digital Citizens with Google Family Link

Teaching kids and teens how to use technology responsibly is one of the greatest challenges of modern parenting. Luckily, the free Google Family Link app makes it easy for parents to stay in the loop and help their children learn positive digital habits, from setting limits to managing apps and everything in between.

Monitor screen time

Google Family Link helps you keep an eye on your child’s screen activity, including reports on how much time they spend using their favorite apps. That info helps parents teach their kids how to make healthy, proactive decisions about using their devices.

Set screen time limits

Whether it’s time for dinner, time to read a book, or just time to turn off screens, Google Family Link lets you remotely lock your child’s device when they need a break. Screen limits are especially helpful at bedtime. No more arguing with your child to turn the phone off and go to sleep – screen time limits can put your foot down for you.

Know their location

There’s no greater comfort for a parent than knowing where your kids are at all times. Google Family Link offers seamless integration with Google Maps, so it’s easy to find your kid on the go.

Manage downloads

Part of teaching kids healthy digital habits is making sure they have access to the best tools. Google Family Link lets you approve or block apps your child wants to download from the Google Play store remotely, manage their in-app purchases and even hide specific apps on their device when necessary.

Feed their imagination

Google Family Link offers teacher-recommended options to help guide your choices about which educational apps keep your kids engaged.

Google Family Link gives parents the tools to help their children build healthy tech habits. Learn more about raising smart digital citizens and shop the latest Android devices, including Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, at U.S. Cellular.