U.S. Cellular Is There for You When Disaster Strikes

The number of natural disasters has tripled in the last 30 years,1 and the need for emergency responses is sure to increase. Emergency preparedness resources and enhanced data priority services for public safety help U.S. Cellularkeep communities across the country informed, connected and supported in times of need.

Providing emergency resources:

U.S. Cellular is committed to serving all residents in our communities when it matters most, not just our customers. We deploy mobile equipment to supplement existing service in areas that need additional capacity and provide device charging stations and U.S. Cellular Wi-Fi Hotspots in areas where people are seeking refuge from a disaster.


Ways to be prepared in case of an emergency:

To ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe in the event of a disaster, take action with this Emergency Preparedness Checklist:

  • Keep a list of emergency numbers and email addresses in your devices for police, fire, hospital, schools and other essential contacts. Then, print out the list and post it on the fridge, just in case.
  • Designate two “in case of emergency” contacts on your phone: one who lives locally and one out of town.
  • Download helpful apps from services like FEMA, American Red Cross, AccuWeather, GasBuddy and NextDoor.
  • Follow local news and emergency services on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Keep up-to-date photos and videos of your property’s rooms and exteriors on your phone in case you need proof of damage for insurance purposes.
  • Purchase a waterproof phone case like the LifeProof FRE
  • Keep a spare phone charger with car charger adapter and external charging device stored in a waterproof bag.
  • Start charging your electronic devices as far in advance of a storm or emergency as possible.


Making first responders the #1 priority:

U.S. Cellular offers a dedicated broadband LTE network just for emergency responders, separating mission-critical data from commercial and consumer traffic. That means first responders and critical support teams always have a fast lane to consistent, high-quality service, so they are better equipped to save lives and serve the community.

“At U.S. Cellular, we understand the central role that first responders have is to keep us safe, and we are committed to providing them reliable and consistent communication services,” said Jim Anetsberger, vice president of business strategy. “We have and will continue to make significant investments in our network and public safety solutions so first responders can stay in constant communication and access the data they need to provide the best response.”2

Because the network was built where our community lives and works, it’s well equipped to keep first responders and critical response teams connected, even in rural and remote areas or during periods of heavy data traffic.


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