5 Photo App Features To Up Your Photography Game

Smartphones have made us all amateur “photographers.” It’s simpler than ever to capture the moments that matter with your mobile device, but how can you improve them after you snap the shutter?

Here are the top 5 ways your phone’s photo app features can take your pictures to the next level:

  1. Capture Multi-Shot HDR Images

High dynamic range (more commonly known as HDR) is a pro-level feature now available on your Smartphone. Essentially, an HDR picture takes multiple images and combines the best lighting, exposure and balance from all of them to deliver you the best shot possible.

How to Do It:
To use HDR shots, open your photo app and then click the HDR icon, usually at the top of your screen. Most Smartphones are set to “auto” by default, so switch the settings to “on” to enable it.

  1. Create a Video Slideshow

The photo app on most Smartphones allows you to easily create a photo slideshow or collage. Now you can show your friends and family the best of the best shots from that vacation without flipping through your entire camera roll.

How to Do It:
To create a slideshow, select your desired images from your camera roll or gallery, tap the “More” button (depending on your phone’s operating system, this may be an icon), then tap “Slideshow.” From there, you can change the slideshow’s layout, speed and background music to show off your photos in style.

  1. Add Filters to Glam Up Your Photos

You may have been introduced to photo filters via Instagram or Snapchat. But today’s Smartphones allow you to add filters directly to your image – before or after shooting. Create an artsy black and white from your latest night out or choose a color-saturated filter to bring out the beauty of a nature shot.

How to Do It:
To enhance a photo with a filter, select it, hit the edit button and scroll through all the various options. Try out various effects, tap save when you make a choice and you now have an awesome customized image.

  1. Color Correct Your Photos

Once reserved only for film and professional photographers, color correction is another professional editing feature now commonly available on most Smartphones.

How to Do It:
You can color correct a photo from the same edit screen you use to crop or rotate it. Depending on your Smartphone’s make and model, look for an icon with three overlapping circles, a dial or three bars with adjustment knobs. This will give you an option to view the image with different color treatments, which can tame overly saturated colors and bring out desired tones. Most Smartphones have presets to make it quick and easy, but you can also manually tweak many settings if the out-of-the-box options aren’t quite perfect.

  1. Remove Red Eye

Red eye can ruin a great portrait. Luckily, Smartphone technology has the ability to fix this common problem.

How to Do It:
To activate the red eye remover, select your photo in your camera roll. You’ll see an option to edit the image. From there, tap the icon that looks like an eye with a line through it, place the circular icon over the problem area and watch the red eye disappear. It’s really that easy.

Check out more hidden phone features, and look out for more technology tips and tricks from U.S. Cellular®.

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