5 Ways to Have Fun Indoors

Whether it’s a snowstorm, a spring downpour or blistering summer heat, sometimes Mother Nature just wants you to stay inside. From spring to summer, fall to winter, indoor activities for kids of all ages are a must. But it can be hard to avoid going stir crazy when you’re cooped up. Luckily, the phones we already have offer a number of cures for cabin fever.

1. Host a digital game night

There’s nothing like close quarters to bring out your competitive spirit. Gather your friends and loved ones and duke it out with a digital game night on a Tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab3. Download your favorite classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, or opt for a new game like Trivia Crack Kingdoms and put your knowledge to the test. After a few heated battles, you won’t even notice the weather outside.

2. Dance it out

Burn off that pent-up energy (and a few calories) by dancing it out in the comfort of your own home. Bring your best moves to your living room with the JBL Pulse 3 Bluetooth Speaker. With a 360º LED light show and 12 hours of play time, the party can last as long as you do.

3. Set a mood
If a light show is a little much, check out the JLAB Crasher Mini Bluetooth Speaker. It’s portable, lightweight and splashproof, so you can have a soundtrack while you’re cooking dinner or cracking open that new book.

4. Exercise indoors
You can still get a great workout if fresh air isn’t an option. The Garmin vivosmart 3 will track your steps and your heart rate, so whether you’re following along with a YouTube workout video or just running steps in the house, you can still achieve your fitness goals.

5. Chat with friends and family hands-free
Grab a pair of BeatsX Wireless Earphones to catch up with friends and relatives via phone or video chat. These wireless headphones offer high-quality audio with the additional mobility to walk around or catch up on chores while you wait for the weather to improve.