Stay Connected While You Stay at Home

Staying at home is becoming the new normal, but it can be hard to avoid going a little stir crazy when you’re cooped up. Luckily, technology is a great way to organize fun indoor activities to entertain kids of all ages.

  1. Host a digital game night

Put the “social” back in “social distancing.” Invite your friends and loved ones to play an online version of a classic board game, like Monopoly and Scrabble. Prefer a newer game? Put your knowledge to the test with Trivia Crack Kingdoms or choose from a variety of online games with a Jackbox Party Pack.

  1. Dance it out

Burn off your pent-up energy (and that homemade bread) with a dance party in the comfort of your own home. Bust out your best moves to your favorite tunes with a Bluetooth speaker like the JBL Pulse 4. With a 360º LED light show and 12 hours of play time, the party can last as long as you do.

  1. Set a mood

If a light show doesn’t fit your stay-at-home mood, try something more subtle. A portable, splashproof speaker, like the JBL Xtreme 2, lets you set a soundtrack to all your at-home activities, whether you’re cooking dinner or cracking open a new book.

  1. Exercise at home

You can get a great workout, even when the gym isn’t an option. Smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch track your steps and your heart rate, so you can keep up with your fitness routine while you follow along with a YouTube workout video.

  1. Chat with friends and family hands-free

Catch up with friends and relatives via phone or video chat. Connect with a pair of wireless headphones to walk around the house or catch up on chores while you chat.

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