Make Working from Home Work For You

Working from home is the new normal. In fact, connected technology is advancing to the point that within the next ten years, more than one-third of employees could be working remotely.1 If you’re a newcomer to the WFH lifestyle, check out these useful tips for how to stay productive when your office is also your home.

Set daily goals

No matter your work environment, the key to productivity will always be goal setting. Start every morning reviewing what needs to be done that day and set realistic timelines for when to achieve it. If you’re working from home with others, communicate with your partner or roommate to understand what you each need from your work-from-home environment that day.

Create a separate workspace

Not everyone has the space for a home office, but it’s important to separate work and play when possible. Find somewhere comfortable, with few distractions. Try to avoid turning the bedroom into a workspace, so you can maintain a sanctuary away from work.

 Keep a regular schedule

Avoid blurring the line between work and home by maintaining regular work hours, just like you would in a traditional office environment. Clock in and out at a consistent time and do your best to unplug from work completely in your off hours.

Take breaks

Working from home might make you feel like you have to skip your normal coffee breaks to make up for not being in the office. Don’t be tempted. Take time to get a snack, check in on the kids or do a quick crossword puzzle. You’ll have an easier time concentrating on work when you return.

 Use a “Do Not Disturb” sign

It’s ok if it takes time to find your WFH comfort zone. Nothing disrupts your groove more than a child who wants attention or a spouse asking if you’re all out of milk. Get the most out of working from home by setting clear boundaries about when you’re not to be interrupted. Then, stick to them.

 Check your bandwidth

One major challenge of working from home: internet access. If your connection is weak, it may be because you’re splitting bandwidth between too many devices. Set ground rules about when the kids are allowed to use their devices so your video conference calls come in loud and clear. If you’re sharing space with someone else who works from home, try staggering video meetings or adjusting your work schedules so you both have enough bandwidth.

Manage expectations

It’s important to recognize that working from home is challenging, now more than ever. Communicate with your boss and the rest of your team about what you can accomplish at home and be honest about what is and isn’t working.

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